PICNIC Early Education

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What is PICNIC in Early Education?

PICNIC in Early Education is a free child feeding program for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) staff. Co-designed by PICNIC dietitians, Mid North Coast ECEC staff, and parents, this program is an extension of the PICNIC program and aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework. 

PICNIC in Early Education is an extension of the PICNIC program.  The program consists of 3 self-directed learning modules, as well as resources and support.  

What does PICNIC in Early Education look like?

The program includes 3 self-directed learning modules, resources, and support. Each module is about 40 minutes long and they include videos, text, quiz questions, practical tools, and links to resources.

What are the benefits?

PICNIC in Early Education will provide you with the latest evidence-based information on child feeding, providing practical tools for your centre. The aim is to create a positive mealtime environment that is enjoyable for both educators and children.


PICNIC in Early Education is currently being evaluated in 10 MNC Early Childhood Education and Care centres as part of HETI Rural Research Capacity Building Program. The evaluation will determine if the program impacts educators feeding practices during mealtimes.  

Register your interest today 

For more information and to register your interest, please email PICNIC in Early Education lead, Alison Walton at alison.walton@health.nsw.gov.au