What is PICNIC?

PICNIC is a free feeding program available to parents and carers of infants/children aged 0-6 years. PICNIC supports parents feeding through the often challenging first years, helping create a more relaxed feeding journey short term, and long term our children will grow up eating a better quality, more varied diet, eating the right amount for their growth and development and having a good relationship with food. 

Since 2018 more than 700 Mid North Coast parents have joined PICNIC and helped shape the program resulting in the most suitable feeding program. It is running successfully on the Central Coast of NSW and is starting in other locations shortly. 

PICNIC provides information on nutrition and practical approaches on ‘how to feed’. Infants and children are naturally cautious with new foods. The time it takes to become familiar and eat new foods varies along with appetite. Parents often describe this as fussy eating, but ‘how we feed’ and respond to these normal behaviours is important.

PICNIC has been designed to support the feeding conversations parents have with other parents. This helps keep the information clear consistent and based on evidence. All our information is easily shared within and beyond parent groups.

How does PICNIC support parents? 

The PICNIC program provides a range of activities parents can choose from (or not). This will depend on how much feeding support you need. 

Online workshop

Introduction and information from starting solids through fussy eating and beyond. If you have a group we can organise a face-to-face group workshop.

Online open Q&A sessions

Bring your questions and listen to other parents’ stories with specialist feeding dietitians.

Online parent community

oin our Facebook closed group with other PICNIC parents. Receive frequent feeding reminders and messages. Ask questions and share ideas.

Dietitian support

More personalised support. We are available to discuss your specific issues.

Website and social media

The PICNIC website contains all our program feeding information. Social media pages provide ongoing reminders which can be shared with friends and family.

PICNIC parents say…

“The PICNIC program is a real gift. Following the initial session. within a few days. we had a complete 180 at mealtimes. I can’t tell you the number of times people have said “WOW he’s a great eater!” since then. It’s a massive win to know he’s well­ fed. and getting such broad nutrients. But what’s more. our anxiety around meals is completely gone. it is a huge gift.”

“The Picnic Project is still the best thing we’ve ever done in our parenting journey. My mind goes to it daily and I’m constantly sharing your site with other parents.”

“The program was great! I obviously did it for my first child who is now almost 3 and it helped a lot being a first-time mum! I also now have a 1-year-old and it has been such valuable knowledge to have and made our feeding journey a breeze!”