Importance of the PICNIC Project

PICNIC messages don’t just focus on the foods needed for healthy growth and development, but also include the feeding practices which make it easier for parents to feed children the way they want to. These practices not only take the pressure off the feeding environment for both parents and children, but are a strong predictor of the type and amount of food children eat.

Research has shown that children get a third of their food from junk food and 1 in 4  are either overweight or obese. This is concerning, but we should also not forget that 30% of children who are a healthy weight go on to become overweight or obese adults. The PICNIC messages consider the importance of learning healthy habits that will stay with children into adulthood.

Parents often feel the early stages of feeding children is daunting and struggle along with their friends. PICNIC ensures that the correct messages are available for groups as a whole and takes the stress out of feeding to assist children to eat happily and healthily.